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14th May 2023

Freedoms New Zealand

To any of the naysayers who believe it will be impossible for Freedoms NZ to get up to 20% of the party vote…never underestimate the power of the Fed-Up Kiwis' vote.

We are about to undertake a Ballot Box revolution.

Freedoms New Zealand will take this election by storm. Australia recently experienced this, Italy experienced this, the Netherlands also experienced this against all odds in it’s New Zealand’s turn.

We noticed a couple of Twitter polls circulating overnight. Considering we only need over the 5% threshold to get into Parliament, the odds could stack up well in our favour.

Freedoms New Zealand has now expanded to include:

  • NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party

  • New Nation Party

  • Vision New Zealand

  • Rock The Vote New Zealand (unregistered party)

  • YES Aotearoa (unregistered party)

Freedoms New Zealand also encompasses organisations such as The Freedoms & Rights Coalition.

Freedoms New Zealand are still in ongoing discussions with other minor parties and organisations who may still unite before the General Election 2023.

Freedoms New Zealand team will be an unexpected and underestimated disruption in this next election!

Brian Tamaki says, “We’ve been in the death grip of National & Labour for 88 years and what we’ve got to show for it is the mess and damage in this country today. There is an underbelly of New Zealand that desires change. A Ballot Box revolution is about to happen. It's the perfect time for a fresh alternative that is truly representative of the people as Freedoms NZ bursts onto the scene. This will be the election of the people.”

He goes on to say, “Do not underestimate the collective power of Fed-Up Kiwis. There are a lot of Kiwis who do not want to vote for any of the current political parties, and they are not reflected in any current polls you see. Fed-Up Kiwis will be the disruptor in Election 2023.”

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