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Emergency Action: Is this a race-based takeover? New Zealand Out? Aotearoa In?

Opinion Piece

28th October 2022

Brian Tamaki

Now more than ever, this country needs to be united, not divided.

Since the great depression, the state of this nation has never been so critical.

Yet much of what politicians are enacting is dividing our nation.

While this country is reeling and hurting, there are some opportunists seizing the moment. Their ideology seems to be ‘divide, then conquer.’ The Māori Members of our Parliament are using their absolute power to divide this nation. Now they are undertaking a race-based takeover.

What a rort this Māori caucus have been. We can’t wait for them to be voted out. They’ve boasted $1 billion in funding for Māori every year over the five years, more than the whole of the Treaty settlements all tallied up. Yet, Māori are worse off, and they simply are not delivering to Māori on the ground.

If Covid didn’t divide us enough, they are attempting to divide this country further with their race-based laws…3 waters, co-governance and more. They have divided Māori from all other cultures. Now here comes the Māori party too with their proposal to change the name of New Zealand to Aotearoa, along with changing all the names of our towns and cities back to their original Māori names.

The whole divisive debate around whether to call ourselves New Zealand or Aotearoa, is a convenient distraction from far more serious issues that need to be urgently addressed. There are way more pressing issues like homelessness, child poverty, domestic violence, suicide, our health system and more.

If Māori Party weren’t so out of touch with Māori, they would know that changing our name to Aotearoa is not going to immediately help most grassroots Māori who are currently struggling to put fuel in their cars, food on their tables, and a roof over their heads.

Every day we are bombarded with headlines about how bad things are becoming.

Here’s a quick sampling from just this morning:

HEADLINE: “Burnout, depression and anxiety increasingly common among doctors”

HEADLINE: “Suicide amongst doctors: Fears more health professionals could be lost as strain on hospitals continues”

HEADLINE: “Children joking about carrying out terrorist attacks concerning, NZ boss says”.

It’s just bad news, after bad news, after even more bad news.

Apparently, a recession is looming, house prices are going to plummet by a quarter, and inflation and interest rates are going to rise further. What is happening to this once great country?

Like an ostrich, Labour has stuck its head in the sand, and its bum in the air, as they ignore the gravity of the Covid carnage and social carnage they have caused around them.

New Zealand has lost its way. It’s lost its identity. But our identity is not in a name.

There are arguments for and against the name New Zealand. Amongst Māori, there are also arguments for and against the name Aotearoa. I’m not going to get into those right now. It’s just not the time and place. There are far more important issues facing our nation that we need to fix first.

My point is…New Zealand does not know who they are! Why complicate things further by changing its name?

This nation is hurting! This nation has lost its way. What’s desperately needed now more than ever is hope and healing. To build a better NZ we need to look beyond just skin colour and status.

Freedoms NZ is the party to unite this nation, not divide it.

We are the umbrella of unity.

United we will stand, divided we will fall.

Come along and hear our solutions....

HANDS OFF NEW ZEALAND: Three Public Meetings

Saturday 12th Nov – Auckland 7pm – Venue coming soon

Sunday 27th Nov – Christchurch 7pm – Venue coming soon

Sunday 4th Dec – Wellington 7pm – Venue coming soon

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