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Opinion Piece

12th March 2023

Brian Tamaki

Today, the two Chris’ from the newly formed Labour/National coalition took to the stage at The Big Gay Out event. Is National now just Labour in drag?

This election, the two main political parties are already a snooze-fest, rolling out policies almost identical to each other, with the two Chris’ and their gaggles of career politicians, everything seems so same-same and mundane between red and blue.

This has not only been the worst Government in our history, but it’s also the worst Opposition we have had in our history. And if you are all thinking let's pile our votes into David Seymour’s ACT party, forget that don't have to swallow a dead rat to avoid this political plague.

The political climate has never been so ripe for a viable third alternative to come through to upset the political apple cart. An alternative that is neither left nor right, blue nor red. A movement of the people, by the people, for the people!

Before you quickly dismiss the idea because it’s never occurred in New Zealand after 88 years of Labour or National’s control, consider some of these recent significant worldwide occurrences.

Just take a look at what happened in Italy last year, with the right winged minor party ‘Brothers of Italy’ and their new Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Back in 2018 they got 4.4% of the vote. Just recently they got 45% of the vote paving the way for Meloni to become the prime minister. Nothing is impossible, even here in New Zealand.

Last year we also saw a massive Teal wave of support for independents in the Australian election, which took everybody by surprise, and showed a clear disdain by many in the public for just voting in the traditional manner.

Never before in our history has there been a more opportune time for people to throw out how they’ve traditionally voted, and to consider making a radical change and taking the power back for the people!

The smaller parties in New Zealand have some good offerings and some experienced and credible people that deserve greater respect and media coverage. As the Freedoms NZ’s umbrella of unity builds and soars, these smaller parties between them will easily cross the 5% threshold. If each party can bring in 1-2% of the vote, it's not hard to exceed 5%. Discussions are still ongoing with additional parties looking to join us.

The ‘United we stand but divided we fall’ cliche is true, together these parties can not only cross the threshold but be stronger and the big bonus is they will open the door to the people of NZ to engage and bring out the talent, expertise and experience that's always been there.

Big party politics and a misguided population have by-in-large been hoodwinked by crafty, dishonest politicians. There is certainly a possibility for a new kingmaker. What we have had previously have been selfish career politicians who we now know cannot be trusted. Maybe it's time for a change in our political system, shifting power away from corrupt parties back to the people. Cut the Bloated Gut of Government, the bureaucracy that's thwarting progress and killing innovation in business and industry. It’s time to appreciate the paradise we have, rich with resources, energy and food, enough to feed 40 million people. We don't need the Globalists telling us what to do anymore, they can advise but not legally bind us to all the 3 letter monsters (UN, WEF, WHO and the rest)

New Zealand is a sovereign country and the people have always possessed it, now it’s time for us to display it. Together we can build back better, be a shining example of how to get back up after being knocked down, and have a sensational comeback after many setbacks.

If we the people decide so...then so be it!

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