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Hipkins' Hoax...Blame everything on climate change!

Opinion Piece

30th January 2023

Void of solutions yet again, Labour ran for cover behind their typical go-to excuse of climate change. Predictably Chris Hipkins has come out today saying the Auckland floods are a result of climate change. This would be laughable if not for the fact that many Aucklanders are currently suffering and displaced from their homes, businesses are once again hit and four precious lives have been lost. Our hearts go out to all affected.

To boil everything down to climate change is a major cop-out after Chris Hipkins hid in the Beehive Bunker when news of the flood broke. Any common sense Kiwi knows no amount of stopping cow farts or burps, electric vehicles, planting trees or more is going to stop these unpredictable events like the Auckland flooding.

You also can’t blame climate change for new Kainga Houses having been poorly built by Labour and falling off their foundations in this flood.

You can’t blame climate change when Auckland Council staffers are saying their internals are a mess.

You can’t blame climate change when Waka Kotahi have poorly built roads, and their crews throw up their hands and sign off from work at 7.30pm on Friday night leaving Kiwis to fend for themselves on treacherous roads.

You can’t blame climate change when the PM and Mayor are mumbling and bumbling their way through press conferences. When there’s poor communication and no positive working relationship between the Auckland Mayor and the PM’s offices…they clearly do not know how to work together in a crisis.

The list goes on and on with the failings of this government and this council in this crisis, and many will spend weeks unpacking all that occurred. But all of these failings cannot be brushed aside and blamed on climate change.

Give up the climate hoax. Common sense must now prevail. Everyday Kiwis must wake up and see right through this climate change fraud. As we’ve outlined before in previous releases, the science doesn’t add up in regard to climate change.

Just think about it. Every time they blame climate change…they’re blaming you! They’re saying that you naughty Kiwis, you naughty farmers, you naughty businesses…you have created too many naughty emissions, you’ve not cared about the environment and as a result, you have caused these extreme weather events.

We’ve had enough of their climate change charade and chastising.

We may now have a different PM as captain, but he’s still driving forward with the same playbook. Ultimately Ardern, Hipkins, Robertson and Co have always had a globalist agenda.

Just take a look at government websites. They state clearly “The Government is committed to Aotearoa New Zealand becoming a world leader in climate change action.” It’s long been their globalist agenda. New Zealand must break free from globalist control and trying to be a part of the globalist gang.

Auckland has now recorded over 769% of its January monthly normal rainfall – that’s unheard of. It’s a one in one hundred year event.

Just ask any common-sense farmer. They understand weather patterns. They’ve understood for centuries (long before emissions and more) that some weather occurrences are seasonal, and some can only be put down to simply being an Act of God. Even insurance companies plan for unexpected Acts of God.

Freedoms NZ will stand up for farmers bogged down under this climate change hoax.

Freedoms NZ will stand up for businesses encumbered with climate change compliance.

Freedoms NZ will stand up for Aucklanders who have long been forgotten and inflicted with poor town planning and infrastructure.

Freedoms NZ will stand up for everyday Kiwis fed up with this climate change craziness.

Name the time and place, and Freedoms NZ is happy to front up to a public debate on climate change with specialists who can present the facts to dispel any of these governmental conmen’s climate change fraud.

Freedoms NZ will continue to call out this climate change fraud that has a grip on New Zealand, and has now become a multi-billion dollar industry that is lining the pockets of many past and present politicians and their friends…all based on the greatest hoax of our time….climate change!

And when natural disasters occur, it’s evident that new, fresh, common sense leadership is desperately needed in New Zealand. Freedoms NZ will provide this new breed of leader. Stay posted for big announcements coming.

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