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IT'S OFFICIAL...WE ARE REGISTERED! The Party that's got it all

Press Release

16th February 2023

Party Secretary

Today, Freedoms New Zealand has received confirmation that our umbrella party and name are officially registered with the Electoral Commission.

Brian Tamaki, the Party President boldly announces “From today the people of New Zealand now have a party they can trust to be upfront and honest when trust and honesty are currently at an all-time low in our political establishment.”

He goes on to say “We are a radically sensible party that plans on making common sense…well…common again. We will bring a power shift from politicians, parties and Parliament back to the People. Sovereignty belongs to the people not employed public servants.”

“Through this Umbrella of Unity, we are returning democracy back to all New Zealanders through our strategy of representative politics from the ground up. Uniting small parties, organizations and interest groups under the Party Vote of Freedoms New Zealand will get us comfortably over the 5% threshold. Together we are stronger, and we bring the voice of the people back into our political decisions.”

“Here is a taste of some of the things Freedoms NZ will uphold as key policy pillars.

  • We hold strongly to severing all ties of global control from WHO, WEF and the United Nations. These global influences should exist in an advisory capacity only with New Zealand.

  • We are a Sovereign Nation and will protect our people with an entrenchment of the NZ Bill of Rights into Supreme Law Status.

  • An official and robust enquiry will be held into the previous government’s handling of Covid 19 vaccinations, lockdowns, restrictions and mandates, vaccination injured and reinstatement/compensation to mandated frontline workers.

  • We will put the bloated bureaucracy of government on a crash diet along with out-of-control spending.

  • We will put an end to Climate Fraud in New Zealand.”

Freedoms NZ’s Policy Pillars can be viewed on their website as they are announced over the coming weeks.

Brian concludes by saying “We see ourselves as the true opposition and the government in waiting. Drastic times now require some drastic measures. How can we have a Healthy Nation when we have a very sick Parliament? Join Freedoms NZ and our united component parties to make New Zealand a Great Place to live again.”

Freedoms New Zealand is proudly founded by The Freedoms & Rights Coalition. As an umbrella party, Freedoms New Zealand is officially joined by the following founding component parties:

  • New Nation Party (registration pending with Electoral Commission)

  • Vision New Zealand (registered)

Additional component party announcements will be forthcoming over the coming months.

Freedoms New Zealand is also supported by a range of people movements and interest groups, including the massive organisation that has led tens of thousands of Kiwi families to protest in the streets and public places, The Freedoms & Rights Coalition.

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