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Opinion Piece

Brian Tamaki

Our lack of national identity is fuelling the whole three-waters debate, which has the potential to split our country in two.

On one hand, we have Labour who prioritises everyone who is Iwi.

On the other hand, we have National & ACT who are pandering to everyone who is not Kiwi.

The Affordable Waters reform debates over the past week have highlighted this further.

We have Labour wanting 50/50 co-governance with Māori on all aspects of Kiwi life. MP Kieran McAnulty has openly admitted to their co-governance agenda, whereas other colleagues have tried to hide it. On the weekend he went even further and said, “There are provisions that we have in this country that wouldn’t stand up to a purely academic democratic framework but that’s not how we work in New Zealand.” Basically, he is saying we are not a real democracy due to the Treaty of Waitangi. Under Labour, one person does not equal one vote, undermining democracy.

We say, it should be Kiwi’s first, not just Iwi first!

Then we have National and ACT promoting equal citizenship, and that “New Zealand is a modern, ‘multi-ethnic’ ‘liberal democracy’ with a place for all” (quoting David Seymour). Here we go again, they are determined to over-populate this country with ‘multi-ethnics’ and multiculturalism. National and ACT are passionate about immigration and foreign investment. As locals, we will be refugees in our own country before we know it!

Again, we say it should be Kiwis first, not non-Kiwi first!

I’ve seen the destruction of multiculturalism in countries like England (London is now over 50% non-English) and across Europe where they’ve de-culturalised England, France, and Germany. It’s causing divisions, infrastructure catastrophes and mixed religions that result in a traditional cultural breakdown.

We cannot allow multiculturalism to destroy our New Zealand culture and heritage. If immigrants want to move to this beautiful land, it needs to be based on their acceptance that they will become citizens and they need to fully integrate into the Kiwi way of life and beliefs. They need to leave their previous countries' ways and beliefs behind.

ACT party have also got it wrong, we are not a liberal democracy…we’ve always been a theo-democracy. In New Zealand our identity is under massive threat. There is an undermining of our national identity and Judeo-Christian ethics away from what I call a theo-democracy. The further we move away from this theo-democracy towards liberal democracy, we are seeing the corrosion of our country in every single sphere of society.

It should not be permanent residents over citizenship.

It should not be immigration over integration.

It should not be Iwi over Kiwi.

We are New Zealand, not Aotearoa.

We are one people, not two separate oras.

All of this bubbling away under the surface in our nation is affecting our identity, which is virtually non-existent.

It’s time for real leadership in this country to ensure that all Kiwis are prioritised in all decision-making. And with our water infrastructure, we need to ensure Local Assets stay in Local Kiwi Hands. Not in Iwi hands, or non-Kiwis hands.

Freedoms New Zealand is the party that will prioritise Kiwis over Iwi and non-Kiwi.

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