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Luxon is out of luck, time for the real opposition to take over!

Opinion Piece

16th November 2022

Brian Tamaki

We predict Luxon will be given his marching orders by March!

It’s been a hell of a week for Christopher Luxon.

Recent polls show Luxon is still not striking the right note with voters. He is unrelatable. They describe him as bald, rich, smarmy, white, trying, boring and arrogant.

In Luxon’s response to this poll, he stated he’s no career politician, and that he has real-world leadership experience. We’d challenge that. How much ‘real-world’ experience can you get in the corporate boardroom? How in touch with Kiwis will Luxon ever be when he worked overseas from 1995 – 2011 (18 years). He has spent two-thirds of his working life abroad.

With Luxon, his political career is quickly becoming blunder after blunder. There’s only so long that ‘inexperience’ can be argued in his defence. This week alone is case and point.

A National spokesperson has come out today saying Luxon “misspoke” when he said yesterday they would keep the Clean Car Discount after National has previously slammed it. So much for having your leaders back. Is the party now distancing itself from Luxon? Everyone is now confused as to what National stands for when it comes to climate change.

This morning we also saw Luxon take aim at school principals blaming them for the high levels of truancy stating “there is a mixed standard of leadership across our schools and across our principals which actually means they are not focusing as strongly only on getting kids to school as they can.” School principals quickly come out fighting attacking Luxon as being a helicopter politician… and just dropping into a school for a short visit does not make him an expert. Will we see National walk this one back quickly as well?

Is Luxon purposely self-destructing?

Luxon never should have discounted working with our newly formed Freedoms New Zealand umbrella party and myself. At the time Luxon foolishly said we had nothing in common, we were crazy and we weren’t serious. How quick he was to judge. Luxon is going to need all the support he can get to form a new government after the 2023 General Election.

The General Election 2023 is going to be one for the history books.

With voters now clearly disenfranchised with both Red and Blue, voters will now seriously have to consider the minor parties. And there’s nothing better than an umbrella party that houses multiple minor parties…Freedoms New Zealand.

Freedoms New Zealand must now be considered as the real opposition party. Our team have consistently contested all of the government’s moves over the past five years. Voters can no longer vote just red or blue. National has failed appallingly at opposing Labour…more often than not they are holding hands with Labour on issues. ACT is no better…they are just putting on an act…they didn’t uphold and defend Kiwi’s freedoms when it ultimately counted. Their rhetoric about freedoms is just jargon and not genuine. Too often ACT also hold hands with the rest of the house on important issues.

Freedoms New Zealand is the new cool kid on the block. Freedoms New Zealand is the fresh new face of politics that will provide a true and genuine alternative to red and blue who act and look way too similar these days.

Join Freedoms New Zealand today. We are on the way up, Labour and National are on their way down!

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