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National is struggling to survive. Time for a 3rd Major Party to arise.

Opinion Piece

15th February 2023

Brian Tamaki

With talk of Luxon being replaced as leader circulating, it brings up a deeper issue that's been festering away for some time in the National party. That is, the “Political Cancer” that's been eating away at this party. It started way back when the party had multiple leadership coups and it’s dealing with “out-of-touch” outbreaks again, which now has been deeply embedded in the fabric of the party. Recent attempts to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic were frantically going on with the appointment of their Hamilton West candidate. They attempted to add diversity in their quick scrabble to “colour” the old white boys' ‘Rich Club’ and an attempt to rid themselves of the Pale, Stale, Male stigma. But the farmers have been telling them that “shit sticks” and the party is riddled to the point of irrelevance and is now ineffective.

National have failed to be an Opposition. This has been glaringly obvious during the Covid-19 years when National (and Act Party) failed to stand up and advocate for the people against a dictatorial government. At times people couldn't be blamed for accusing National of being no different to Labour. National mostly agreed with the mandates, and Luxon threatened to force vaccination onto beneficiaries and their children. Many of the public even claim National, alongside Act, as our worst opposition ever, which I agree with.

In our darkest hours as 100s of 1000s were losing businesses and jobs, being mandated and divided as a country, National were lame. As good as the possible replacement Nicola Willis might be, National's problems are far deeper than just another leadership change. They have had 5 leadership coups in the last little while, they have increased the John Key “Rock Star” failed economic swag, and Party over freedom of thought. Just ask MP Simon O’Connor when he was forced to publicly apologise for his “Its a Good Day” remark about the recent Wade vs Roe abortion decision in the United States. This type of party politics is outdated and downright bullying. Oh, do not forget “Bullygate” with Mr Uffindel that National faced recently.

Don't take it too seriously Mr Luxon that your marching orders might be in March, because the whole party may be marching into oblivion. It’s time for far more representative, innovative and people-centred parties to rise. No point in flogging a dead horse…dismount!

If we have any chance of correcting our democracy, we need a third party to come through that creates a new political future. There’s no point wasting time trying to resuscitate these old defunct parties like National.

It’s time that a strong third contender arose. Freedoms New Zealand is the umbrella of unity, which will be the major viable alternative party so you no longer have to vote red or blue.

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