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Opinion Piece

16th May 2023

Freedoms NZ Team

National has long been a weak opposition.

Freedoms NZ now provides a stable common-sense alternative. We are making common sense common again, representing every hard-working Kiwi.

National is no longer a stable vote with Luxon polling lower by the day as a preferred Prime Minister, and also cutting his options off with Freedoms NZ and now Te Pāti Māori. Luxon is quickly leading National up the creek without a paddle.

Across New Zealand, there is an increasingly growing underground of fed-up voters...fed-up with what's on offer in our ailing political system. And you won’t see these fed-up voters reflected in any poll, as they’ve become sceptical of pollsters, surveyors, censuses and more.

With the increased crime-wave, and carnage across all areas of society there is a growing ‘no confidence’ in our politicians and parties.

Yet, while leadership is the problem in this country, leadership is also the solution.

Freedoms New Zealand recently launched in Auckland with Brian Tamaki making the bold announcement that he is standing as a Party leader in the grand Freedoms New Zealand coalition, alongside his co-leader Sue Grey, and bringing together NZ Outdoors & Freedom party, New Nation Party, Vision New Zealand, Rock Your Vote, and Yes Aotearoa.

Brian Tamaki says “Progress is impossible without change. If there was ever a time for voters to change their views on the Labour/Greens/Māori & National/ACT’s now!”

He continues by saying, “Now is the time to bring a fresh, energetic, experienced and honest brand of politics found in Freedoms New Zealand.”

Tonight Brian Tamaki and Sue Grey speak live alongside the Vision NZ team who are announcing a new candidate in the Tukituki electorate, Michael Ngahuka. Michael says, “I am a hardworking local. I’ve worked on the ground digging in and helping during our communities' toughest times. I am a leader who knows how to make things happen at the grassroots.”

Brian Tamaki will tonight release a new wave of confidence, trade confidence, and prosperity confidence for every hardworking Kiwi family. He elaborates by saying, “We’ve got to destroy the money-sucking bloated bureaucracy we have in New Zealand.”

Half of all Kiwis are carrying the other half of Kiwis on their backs. Here are a few numbers to support this

Children (0-14 yrs old) 19.60%

Working age 65.10%

Elderly 15.20%

Of the working age, 630,000 Kiwis are receiving some form of welfare payment (excluding superannuation) and we have a whooping 448,200 public servants. That means we have a cumbersome 1 in 5 people on the bureaucratic payroll, leeching the economic life out of our economy. These two groups amount to 26.16% of our working age group.

This government loves to give you a handout, rather than give you a hand up!

We can begin our prosperity by bulking up our workforce. We do not need to stimulate our economy with Labour’s handouts or National’s importing of immigrants.

One of Freedoms New Zealand’s big goals is getting New Zealanders back into work, and back into business.

Come join with Freedoms New Zealand as we present a new vision forward for all Kiwis.

Napier Public Meeting


Napier War Memorial Centre

Marine Parade


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